Tax Advice

Specific tax assistance on the indirect and direct taxation, replacement therapy (VAT etc). Tax litigation, preparing appeals and assistance before the tax authorities

Tax Advice

Choice of taxation strategy to be used according to customer requirements aimed at companies, enterprises, self-employed and individuals. Tax consultancy covers all aspects of taxation, both for direct taxes indirect, of individual enterprises, collectives, associations and organizations. Studio Associato Malta offers, as part of tax advice, assistance, its customers, constant for the most complex problems, until the representation in each instance in the event of litigation.

Financial statements

Formation of financial statements in accordance with the rules of the civil code, the accounting and tax rules. Balance sheet analysis thanks to the index calculation. The ratio analysis compares (through mathematical relationships) certain financial statements to obtain various information about the performance of the company, allowing you to program and control the management of the future.

Accounting processing

The recording of accounting entries required civil and tax legislation (journal, book inventories, corporate books, tax report) with the handling of documents which are delivered to our commercial studio for recording. On-demand delivery of financial statements to evaluate the performance of the company

business consulting

Business consulting is what we love to do and do it with passion.
We assist clients from birth of a business idea, considering him the opportunities, issues and economic and strategic planning of the whole project. We specialize in the preparation of the initial and future business plans. We are able to evaluate the acquisition of an asset and to study accounting, fiscal and organizational point of view any acquisitions of economic activities. We assist clients in notarial deeds and legal matters, coordinating resources and schedules to ensure the best possible service.
We specialize in research, planning and requesting financial contributions granted by public authorities, especially from the province of Cosenza Rossano.
Studio Associato Malta, primary network of contacts and relationships with other professionals, businesses, organizations publish and banks that provide the opportunity to assist you in your search for operating or financial partnership.

Corporate Consulting

Consultancy activity implies assistance concerning the drafting of by-laws and corporate matters, the establishment of companies, and more generally the advice for extraordinary transactions such as mergers, transfers of company and company branches, divisions, corporate rentals, liquidations, transformations and equity transactions.
We also directly advising for registration of trademarks and patents national and EU. For the registration of trademarks and patents internationally and globally we rely to a leading expert in industrial and intellectual property.

Expert reports

Redazione perizie econometriche, con relativa analisi per valuta, su conti correnti bancari finalizzate a ravvisare eventuale anatocismo e usura, oggettiva o soggettiva, da parte di Istituti Bancari
Redazione di perizie econometriche su contratti di mutuo, contratti di finanziamento, contratti di leasing finalizzate a ravvisare eventuale usura, contrattuale o sopravvenuta.
Redazione di perizie collegate alle operazioni straordinarie in ambito societario

Fatturazione Elettronica